Earls Restaurants eGift Card

Earls Restaurants eGift Card

Earls Restaurant eGift Cards

Giving the gift of a visit to an Earls Restaurant can be a great way to say thank you or to celebrate. It can say that you’re thinking of someone, or that you appreciate them, and that you want them to enjoy themselves with great food and good friends.

Earls' eGifts can be emailed directly to the recipient with a personalized message, or sent to your own inbox. They only need to be printed out or displayed on a mobile device for redemption.

About Earls Restaurants

Earls prides itself on hospitality, and all that entails. Their restaurants bring everything together in one place, where they are inspired by the world around them: from chefs in Europe to local area farmers. They always strive to bring the best of everything to their guests, centred around dishes that make people come back for more, with house-made sauces, locally-sourced ingredients, and innovative chef-led experiments.

Earls Restaurants – eGift Card Details

Earls eGift Cards are digital gifts sent from you, by email, and are redeemable at any Earls location.

The gift card's face value is in Canadian dollars and is issued by Earls. Use this card to make purchases at any Earls locations in Canada or the United States. The card's dollar value will be applied to the cardholder's purchase. The card balance is only redeemable for food, beverages and gratuities at any Earls Restaurant.

The card will not be exchanged for cash, except as required by law, and cannot be applied as payment to a credit card account. Earls is not responsible for unauthorized use of the card, or for lost or stolen cards. Issuance and use of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Earls Locations Near You

To find your closest Earls location visit earls.ca/locations.

Check the Balance of an Earls Gift Card

To check the balance of an Earls Gift Card visit earls.ca/buy-gift-cards and scroll to the bottom of the page.

How to Redeem your Earls Restaurant eGift Card

Please present your eGift Card number to your server either by printing out a copy of the eGift, or by displaying the eGift on your mobile device so that the card and PIN numbers are clearly visible.

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